Horse Grooming Brush With Copper Bristles | Premium Handmade Horse Body Brush Removes Light Dirt, Dust & Scurf | Conditions Polishes For Radiant Shine

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Brand: Mane & Stable
Shape: Oval
Bristle Material: Copper
Handle Material: PU Leather
Special Feature: Flexible

About this item

  • ⭐Dazzling Shine, Deep Clean: Imagine your horse with a coat so radiant, it reflects the sunlight like a mirror. Our flexible copper bristles gently exfoliate, reaching deep down to remove dirt, dander, and even stubborn winter grime. The result? A healthy, vibrant coat that begs to be stroked.
  • 🐎Double Bristle Power, Thorough Clean: Think of it as a team effort! The stiff polypropylene bristles tackle surface dirt and debris, while the flexible copper bristles reach deep to the skin level, removing hidden grime and dander. This double-bristle action ensures a truly thorough clean for a coat that shines from root to tip.
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