IAMS Proactive Health Indoor Weight Control & Hairball Care Adult Dry Cat Food with Chicken & Turkey


Product details:

As pet parents, we all want to feel confident that we are doing the best for our pets. IAMS ADVANCED HEALTH Healthy Digestion Turkey and Chicken Recipe dry cat food is designed with ingredients to support your cat’s whole-body health. This tasty kibble features clinically proven technology to promote healthy digestion. This turkey-first recipe is formulated without artificial flavors or preservatives (trace amounts may be present due to potential cross-contact during manufacturing) and contains live probiotics. With this premium-tailored recipe, you can be confident that your cat will always be at its best today and every day.


3.5 lbs. (1 bag), 3.5 lbs. (4 pack), 7 lbs. (1 bag), 3 lbs. (2 pack), 22 lbs (1 bag)

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