Little Giant® Automatic Animal Waterer | 4 Gallon | Float Controlled Automatic Waterer for Livestock | Heavy Duty and Durable | Made in USA | Black


• FLOAT CONTROLLED – This automatic cattle waterer has float controlled refill feature that
automatically refills the tank based on it’s water level.
• STANDARD HOSE CONNECTION – This automatic watering device connects to a standard
3/4 inch garden hose, making it easy and convenient to set up.
• 4 GALLON WATER CAPACITY – The waterer has a 4 gallon water capacity making it perfect
for large animals such as cattle and horses.
• EASY FENCE OR WALL MOUNTING – This product includes metal brackets for over-thefence or on-the-wall installation (hardware not included), also 30 in of hose is included with a
female hose attachment.

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