Newest Cat Tree with Cat Condo and Big Hammock


Target Species: Cat
Product Dimensions: 22.44″L x 13.78″ W x 39.37″H
Breed Recommendation: Large, Medium, and Small
Specific Uses For Product :Scratching Recommended Uses For Product Outdoor

About this item
Overall size:22.44″x13.78″x39.37″H.The big base board can increase cat tree’s stability. Notice: Please try to place it against the wall.
High quality faux fur, natural sisal posts durable for long time scratch
The hanging ball can provide cats lot of fun, it also can be replaced.
The big condo can provide cats sleeping place as well as observe place.The round shape soft platform can let cats observe like a queen and look view outside of the window.
The hanging bed can let cats relax and sleep.And it can be removed and washed.


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