Nutrena Empower Digestive Balance Horse Supplement, 40-lb bag

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About This Item
• Nutrena Empower Digestive Balance is formulated with a proprietary yeast culture, providing bioactive compounds to encourage beneficial microflora.
• This digestive balance horse supplement feed provides comprehensive support to the entire GI Tract.
• Empower Digestive Balance horse supplement contains marine-sourced calcium that supports gastric health and helps maintain a normal stomach pH.
• Designed to be fed as an equine supplement to complement a balanced diet, Empower Digestive Balance horse feed supplement supports sensitive horses.
• Our 40 pound bag of feed supplement features peppermint flavor to encourage acceptance and palatability.

Many horses, regardless of age or lifestyle, can suffer digestive upset. These challenges can be even greater in performance horses that are under stress from traveling, performing, and ever-changing schedules and environments. Nutrena Empower Digestive Balance includes a broad spectrum of vitamins, nutrients, and probiotics that address most gastrointestinal deficiencies and can help set your horse back on track to optimal performance. Marine-sourced calcium supports gastric health by helping to regulate your horses’ natural stomach pH levels. Zinc and butyric acid support robust gut tissue integrity for efficient nutrient absorption. This proprietary mix features prebiotics and probiotics providing bioactive compounds that encourage beneficial gut microflora. Nutrena Empower Digestive Balance is a top dress pellet equine supplement designed to support overall gastrointestinal health and maintain normal gastric pH in horses of all stages of life and activity levels. Nutrena Empower Digestive Balance is flavored with peppermint to ensure your horse accepts this digestive supplementation. Please see the tag on the bag for complete feeding directions. Grazing, hay, and pelleted feed, in addition to supplementation, are key components of a healthy diet. Nutrena Empower Digestive Balance should always be fed in addition to a balanced diet. Packaged in a 40lb bag.

Item Number 768070
Weight 40 pounds
Sourced From United States
Made In United States
Food Form Supplement
Special Diet N/A

Precautions The store feed in a clean, cool and dry location that is free of insects and rodents. Do not allow animals access to feedstuffs that show signs of insect or rodent infestation. Do not allow animals access to hot or moldy feedstuffs at any time. This product contains added copper and should not be fed to sheep.

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