Nutrena Empower Topline Balance Horse Supplement, 40-lb bag

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About This Item
• Nutrena Empower Topline Balance horse supplement features chromium, which can aid horses with metabolic issues and easy keepers such as minis and ponies.
• Empower Topline Balance guarantees four key essential amino acids to build and maintain a strong immune system in a diet balancer horse feed supplement.
• This controlled starch formula helps support proper starch digestion in a 40 pound bag of diet balancer horse feed supplement.
• Nutrena’s concentrated nutrient levels allow for low feeding rates to balance with forage.
• Added prebiotics and probiotics aid in nutrient absorption in this diet balancer horse food supplement.

Nutrena Empower Topline Balance horse supplement is designed to round out nutrition for your horses that get adequate energy from good quality forage or pasture. It’s a ration balancer offering a blend of the essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals your horse needs to look and feel its best, including unique support for better topline health. Topline Balance is Nutrena’s unique approach to topline health and contains guaranteed levels of amino acids and calorie-rich fats from vegetable oil. Empower Topline Balance is especially important for horses with metabolic issues, easy keepers, and overweight horses to support muscle development and healthy body weight. This proprietary mix features prebiotics and probiotics containing bioactive compounds that encourage beneficial gut microflora. The concentration of minerals and nutrients in is high, allowing for a low feeding rate. Topline Balance supplement is also recommended for horses requiring nutritional support for insulin resistance or Cushing’s Syndrome. This formula is the perfect partner with pasture or hay as a top dress to another feed. Please see the tag on the bag for complete feeding directions. Grazing, hay, and pelleted feed, in addition to supplementation, are key components of a healthy equine diet. Nutrena Empower Topline Balance should always be fed in addition to a balanced diet. Packaged in a 40lb bag.

Item Number 768038
Weight 40.75 pounds
Dimensions 24 x 15 x 4 inches
Sourced From United States
Made In United States
Food Form Supplement
Special Diet N/A
Follow label directions. Chromium from all sources of supplemental chromium cannot exceed 4 milligrams per horse per day. When changing feeds or hay, make the change gradually over a 7-day period. Clean water should be available at all times. Horses that have been exercised should be cooled out and rehydrated properly before being fed and before having access to unlimited water. Store feed in a clean, cool, and dry location free of insects and rodents. Do not allow animals access to hot or moldy feedstuffs nor feedstuffs that show signs of insect or rodent infestation.

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