StripHair Horse Bundle 3pc Gentle Groomer 6-in-1 Shed Groom Massage, Bag O’ Bamboo Reusable Cloths 2 sizes, Storage Pouch

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Brand: StripHair

Shape: Oblong

Bristle Material: Bamboo

Handle Material: Bamboo

Special Feature: Easy to Clean, Durable, Easy to Use

About this item

HORSE CARE ALL SEASONS with this 3 piece Kit that includes: 1 StripHair Gentle Groomer 6-in-1 therapy brush + 1 Bag O’ Bamboo Reusable Cloths 18pk in 2 sizes + 1 Storage Pouch blue mesh. Makes a great gift to self or anyone with a Horse. Betty’s Best is a woman-owned small business introducing innovative multi-purpose products that are Made in the USA.
• STRIPHAIR GENTLE GROOMER is the Original 6-in-1 multi-purpose therapeutic horse brush.
Use to shed loose hair, remove wet or dry mud, add shine to the coat, scrub and slick at bath time. Provides therapeutic benefits with patented features: Gentle Grooming Edge, Exfoliating and Scrubbing Diamonds. The Gentle Groomer is safe and effective to use on the face, legs and body on horses and dogs. Use a moist or dry Bag O’ Bamboo Cloth along with StripHair for every step of grooming.
• HORSE HEALTH THERAPY with The Gentle Groomer. Use and Benefits include: warm and relax muscles, release and stretch fascia, aid circulation and lymph flow, manage pain and inflammation, help improve biomechanics, calm an anxious mind, establish bond and strengthen trust. From Colts to Senior Equines, use StripHair Gentle Groomer and Bag O’ Bamboo Cloths for horse cleanliness and good health.

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